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Make Self-Care a Priority

Taking care of your mental wellbeing is as important as taking care of your physical health. These are only two parts of who you are. Think of the many other parts: social/relationships; spiritual; sexual; cultural; intellectual; psychological… We are all amazing and complex creatures.

Sometimes the different parts of us come under pressure and get thrown out of kilter. Life can seem to put too many demands on us at different times, and time devoted to self-care and self-reflection is often neglected. We can become disconnected within ourselves and from others, and can feel lost, overwhelmed, uneasy, conflicted, flat or stuck.

You are worthy of good care, including self-care and professional support.

Putting Yourself First

It’s important to prioritise your wellbeing as it directly determines how much meaning and satisfaction you derive from life. All too often, we prioritise our day-to-day demands and overlook the need to reserve time for self-reflection and care. In addition, we often set aside dealing with any emotional issues in our lives, simply because we don’t believe we can face them.

Whether you are feeling distressed, dealing with loss of some kind, feeling down or anxious, searching for meaning or direction, or long to develop a closer connection with your emotional self and other people, therapy can provide a welcoming and non-judgemental space to help you explore your inner life and the choices you make. Having an opportunity to process all the “heavy stuff” that is troubling you can be incredibly relieving and cathartic, and can help you get a renewed sense of what’s healthy and helpful for you (and what isn’t). You can regain a sense of balance, of being connected and having choice.

peacock representing the many aspects we explore in therapy & counselling
therapy & counselling help us to explore the many layers of our mental health

Unpacking and reframing difficult experiences can liberate us from the past and help us to find new meaning for today and the future. Equally important is taking time to explore new perspectives and examine old patterns of behaviour or thinking that have been holding you back from living, growing and enjoying life more fully. Doing this work in a safe space and at your own pace is key.

How I can Help You

About Tony

Many people see therapists to get support in finding healing and growth in their lives, for all kinds of reasons, no matter how minute or major they may seem. Therapy can help people transform deeply held beliefs that may no longer fit for them, and often leads to an increased sense of fulfilment, freedom and flexibility in a person’s thinking and living.

As a humanistic and integrative therapist, I believe that each person possesses the wisdom and potential to heal from the wounds dealt by life and to find the inner freedom to make new choices. I also believe we are inherently relational beings and that our relationships matter, that there’s more than one way of knowing and being known, and that we all have dignity and a contribution to make.

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